provide you with a ideal platform to increase your ROI, enhance your marketing data and minimize your cost.

Face-to-face meetings are expensive and often inconvenient, especially if you want to reach customers in distant and diverse locations.

3 main reasons why you should exhibit at Viritx

1- Wider Reach 
By participating in you reach more of your targeted clients, due to some simple facts:
A. Your targeted clients will be able to visit / revisit the event without the Cost, Travel and Logistics associated with visiting physical trade show which will increase the number of visitors.
B. The Event is going Live for 3 days just like any trade show with full live communications features + the event goes on for 150 days (extended period) to extend the life of your  message , your stand remains fully active (on-demand) during the extended period 24/7 

2- Lower Cost

According to industry statistics* exhibitors spent an average of 212 $/ visitor they reach at physical trade shows, but only  35$ / visitor in virtual events ( See comparison )

* Source: Simmons Market Research

3-Higher Efficiency 

The analytical tools provided by Viritx are unique and comprehensive. Exhibitors get real time data on visitors & reports which make sales follow up easy; no missed business opportunities, no contact will ever be lost or misplaced again

Macro Tracking

Number of Unique Visitors
Number of Visitors
Returning Visitors
Business cards exchanged at the booth
chatting script with visitors
Number of Overall Video Views
Number of Overall Downloads
Promo Clicks
Number of Chats
Average Session Time
Item Previews
Event Bag Adds
Visitor Location
Referrer URL
JavaScript Version
Micro Tracking

Unique Visitors to the Keynote Auditorium
Booth Entries
Badge Swipes by Booth
Number of Downloads for each item
Number of views for each video
Top 10 Most Viewed Videos
Video Drop-off
Video completes
Video Replays
Item Previews
Number of Visits to Each Tab in the Toolbar
Search Terms
Number of Clicks on Each Navigation Icon
Number of Clicks on Each Promo
Event Behavior by User